Monday, April 23, 2018

Step #2 Fee's for Selling your Home

Step 2: The Cost of Selling It is very important to first calculate the expenses that may be incurred while selling your home. This knowledge is absolutely necessary because it helps you to determine a good price for the house, as well as the potential profit ?? The cost of selling your home may include things like commission to be paid to the agent, Pro Rated taxes, specific reports, such as a property inspection. Both the Seller and The Buyer have their own set of Fee’s. All Fee’s are Negotiable!!!

Step 1: Reason for Selling your House

Step 1: Reason for Selling It is often more emotional to sell a home than to buy a home, and the reason for selling your home may be a determining factor in the urgency of the sale. The urgency may also have an effect on the price of the property. It is important to take the following factors that can influence the sale of your home into consideration: > Reason for selling > Price > Location > Condition of property > Size > Design / style > Accessibility